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NOBL Technology

To increase efficiency and reliability in the agencys daily operations, Paulmar fully automated the trust account process. Paulmar software application is branded NOBL. The following modules/functions are listed on the NOBL menu:

  Receivables: this function includes premium invoicing/follow-up, payments and bank deposits. This functions also manages endorsements, AP or RP, short payments and NSF checks as well as audit and financed premiums;

  Agency Commission: this function determines agency earned commission and manages its transfer to the operating account;

  Company Remittance: this function manages company statements and produces remittance check vouchers;

  Return Premium:  this function reconciles cancellation endorsements, premium refunds, (cash or credit refunds), and return premium offsets;

  Direct Bill (DB) Commission: this function reconciles DB Commission statements and reports delinquent commission payments;

  Personal Funds: this function manages three types of non-fiduciary funds: personal funds, interest earnings, and commission reserve. All may be legally commingled with premium funds in the trust account.

To view NOBL menus click here.

NOBL Technology offers a wide variety of daily operation reports, production reports and financial solvency reports. To view them click here.

NOBL Technology includes four software applications:

  NOBL.R for insurance retailers; this application is in use fully operational;

  NOBL.Corp for agency clusters or large corporations with multiple-location producing agencies. This application receives production and financial data from NOBL.R (working at different locations) and assembles them in summary reports. NOBL.Corp is finished but requires more testing;

  NOBL.G for general managing agencies (wholesalers) whose operations are similar to those of retailers. This application is under development. NOBL.G receives data records from NOBL.R; data entry in the GAs office is eliminated. NOBL.G processes the GAs commission income and remittance to carriers, all in a fully automated manner;

  NOBL.C for insurance carriers. This application receives data records from NOBL.R and monitors and controls the receipt of premiums, net of commissions, from both retailers and wholesalers. This application is also under development.





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