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NOBL technology was developed to automate the agency insurance trust account and manage insurance fiduciary duty. As they receive premiums from insureds or finance companies, P&C insurance agents and brokers are mandated by law to maintain them in insurance trust accounts. They can only disburse them to legal owners: insurance companies or MGAs (net premiums), insureds or premium finance companies (return premiums), agency (earned commission).

The ultimate scope of NOBL technology is to monitor and control insurance trust financial solvency. Reporting financial solvency is required by agency owners and managers as well as Department of Insurance (DOI) or insurance company auditors.


The NOBL suite of products perform specific daily operation functions of insurance trust management and report agency production as well as trust financial solvency. All are offered to users on outsourcing basis. All are installed in the cloud. NOBL Products are listed below:

Premium Receivable and Bank Deposits is the NOBL Basic product. It secures the receipt and deposit of transacted premiums and endorsements in the agency trust bank account.


The Add-Ons perform other important functions of the trust daily operation. Complete management of insurance trust account operation is achieved by having all available, NOBL Basic and the five Add-Ons.


The software application comes with all Add-Ons installed but only those initially contracted by the client are available on the menu. Add-Ons are turned on as the client agency signs for them.


Briefly review the NOBL software application Menus and Reporting system by clicking on the links.


NOBL technology is not intended to replace agency managements systems such as AMS, Applied Systems and others. It only complements them with fiduciary management tools necessary to manage premium funds as required by law. Integration with such systems is not a problem. Click here for details.


Fiduciary compliance is to be observed by all P&C insurance agencies not only to avoid violations but also to benefit from best business practices.


Steve Anderson, Authority on Insurance Technology, Productivity and Profitability says:

"While Chris Marinescu knows accounting, he really understands the nuances of insurance agency premium trust accounting. Unfortunately, this is an area of agency operations that agency owners often just let a bookkeeper handle. Or, they assume their agency management system properly handles the agency's trust responsibilities. This could be an expensive mistake. Any agency should consider utilizing Chris's services to make sure they are legal and compliant."

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