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NOBL Direct Bill Commission

The DB Commission Add-On product helps agencies monitor and control the DB commission payments received from insurance companies. In current practice, DB Commission Statements are reconciled manually, a tedious and time consuming process.

A. Why is NOBL Return Premium Product Needed?


Agencies will use this product to have the DB Commission Statements automatically reconciled and determine if a check amount received from insurance companies is correct.


NOBL reconciles DB Commission Statements against the agency data records and produces a report listing delinquent of wrong commission amounts.

The reconciliation reports will help agencies document errors and request companies to rectify them.

B. What’s Included

  1. DB Commission Statement Reconciliation Report

C. Management Reports

  • DB Commission Statement
  • DB Commission Statement Reconciliation
  • Outstanding DB Commission
  • DB Commission Checks
  • Other reports are available

D. How It Works

  • Agencies us NOBL to create data records of DB Commission Statements
  • These Statements are generally downloaded from the insurance company website. Data entry into the NOBL file system can be automated
  • NOBL automatically reconciles a DB Commission Statement with the DB policy commission
  • Agency will use Reconciliation report to inform the insurance company of errors, if any


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