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NOBL Remittance - Company Remittance Management

The Company Remittance Add-On manages insurance company/MGA remittance by reconciling it with the agency data and generating remittance check vouchers.

A. Why is NOBL Remittance Needed?


Users of agency management systems currently spend valuable time to reconcile statements with invoice payment records.


With NOBL Remittance statement reconciliation is fully automated. And so are remittance check vouchers. The only thing an agency is required to do is to email the Co. Monthly Statements/MGA invoices and write remittance checks.


NOBL Remittance saves the bookkeeper significant time to do other work for the agency. Tracking Co Statements is easy as they are entered in NOBL and retrieved when needed.


B. What’s included

  1. Company Monthly Statement/MGA Invoice data records;
  2. Statement/Invoice reconciliation with agency data records;
  3. Remittance check vouchers;
  4. Remittance check data records.

C. Management Reports

  1. Company Statements
  2. Company Remittance Report
  3. Outstanding Statements
  4. Other reports are available

D. How It Works

  • Agencies use NOBL to enter Co Statements/MGA premium data
  • NOBL automatically reconciles Co Stmt/Invoice with agency data and reports variances
  • NOBL generates remittance check vouchers
  • Agency writes remittance checks
  • Agency enters remittance check data in NOBL


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